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Dr. José Manuel Piña Gutiérrez

President of Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco

The present Dean of the Autonomous Juarez University of Tabasco is a remarkable former student of the technological Institute of High Education from Monterrey, where he graduated as an agronomist engineer in Production (1977-1981). Subsequently, he studied a master in Administration at the Autonomous Juarez University of Tabasco. (1984-1988).

He studied the Consultancy Formation Program in Foreign Trade Commerce at the Foreign Commerce National Bank, in order to enrich his profesional profile; due to this, he has obtained several recognitions. (1988-1992). He complemented his studies with a Ph.D. in Administration at the Pacific Western University of California in the U.S. (2000-2003).

In parallel, he continued a brilliant professional career as a senior manager and consultant in both the business sector and in the banking and foreign trade sectors. He decided to share this knowledge with new generations, so he returned to the academic life as a research professor and official of the Autonomous Juarez University of Tabasco.

In 2004, he was appointed as Secretary of Administrative Services and in this position he carried out an intensive liaison with the different social, productive and service sectors. Besides this, he was able to achieve institutional cooperation agreements with national and international universities, among which are the finalized agreements with the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in the United Kingdom; the universities of Zaragoza and Murcia in Spain and the EARTH of Costa Rica, as well as significant academic collaborations which he managed with the Texas A & M University, Texas, USA, the " Lomonosov " Moscow State University and the School of Music at the Munich University.

Dr. Jose Manuel Piña Gutierrez was elected to the position of Rector, as a result of his prolific teaching and administrative work on January 23, 2012. Since then, he has provided special support to the work of research, in order to promote the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology which will help to solve state and regional problems.

Some of the projects of generation and application of knowledge that have received most support are those oriented to the care and conservation of the environment. Among these we can mention the ones seeking to propose solutions to current problems in the Marine Ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico. For this reason in November 2012, Dr. Jose Manuel Pina Gutierrez was appointed Chairman of the Consortium of Institutions for Marine Research of the Gulf of Mexico ( CIIMAR - GoM), a position that he still holds to this date.

Also, following the presentation of its work plan, liaising with society is recognized as the fourth substantive role of the university and it is added to the work of Teaching, Research and Dissemination of Culture, in order to open doors and establish greater institutional communication and collaboration with other houses of study and national and international research centers as well as different social sectors.

Among the various positions that Dr. Jose Manuel Pina Gutierrez has been given throughout his professional career, the one that stands out is his appointment as chairman of the City Council of National Journalism Award AC, on April 8, 2013. The event took place at the Dean Tower of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in the presence of Dr. Jose Narro Robles Ramón who until then had chaired the Council.