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​​​CPA Enrique C. Etienne Pérez del Río

President of Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas

Graduate accountant from Monterrey Technological and Higher Studies Institute in 1963, He worked as public servant at Tamaulipas State Treasury in 1964.

Founder of the Business and Management School (FCAV) at Tamaulipas Autonomous University (UAT) in 1967 and also accounting professor and first dean until 1978. This school was first with self- financing postgraduate studies and, in 1970, Etienne was part of the faculty. That year he got his master in Business Administration at the UAT. At the eighties he took several positions at Tamaulipas State Treasury: IRS department official and, later, Income Director. From here until 1990 he gave taxes professional counsel to the Mexican states of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala, Guerrero and Quintana Roo.

In 1984 Etienne was designated senior faculty at FCVA. In 1986 received the “Miguel Azomoza Arronte” medal as distinguished professor and the merit diploma in 1992. He also was the chairman of the Professional Accountants Association of Ciudad Victoria and founder partner.

He worked as Chairman of Victoria County Electoral Council in 1995 and 1998 Tamaulipas state elections, and as Electoral board member representing Tamaulipas fifth district. In 2000 was designated as Chairman of Tamaulipas State Electoral Council until 2006.

Because of his exemplary career path, Enrique Etienne was designated as Finance Chairman of Tamaulipas Autonomous University in 2011. His contributions were recognized by the Mexican IRS office and the Mexican Government.

On December 7 of 2013 he took oath as rector of Tamaulipas Autonomous University term 2014 – 2017.

He has won the following awards among others: “Norberto Treviño Zapata, distinguished state citizen” award by Unidad Tamaulipeca and “Tampico’s distinguished citizen” by Tampico Social Club.