Semblance of Universidad Autónoma del Carmen- CUMex


Dr. José Antonio Ruz Hernández

President of Universidad Autónoma del Carmen

Jose Antonio Ruz Hernandez was born in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche, México in 1971. He graduated as as an Engineer in Electronics in 1994 from the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida (ITM) located in Yucatán, México.

In 2001, Ruz Hernández got his Master’s degree in Control from the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen (UNACAR) in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, México. His dissertation got the first place at the XX National Contests of the Electric Sector in Computing and Control organized by the IEEE, the IIE and the CFE.

In 2006, he got the degree of Doctor of Science with an electric engineering emphasis (automatic control) from the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN, Guadalajara Campus, (CINVESTAV) located in Zapopan, Jalisco, México. His doctoral dissertation also achieved the first place at the XXIII National Contests of the Electric Sector in Computing and Control organized by the FIDE, the IEEE and the IIE. Ruz Hernandez is a full time professor at the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen (UNACAR) since 1995.

He is also a member of the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI) of the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) since 2008. His areas of interests are neurofuzzy control, linear and nonlinear control as well as fault diagnosis in dynamic systems. He was awarded the merit of distinguished engineering graduate (electronics area) by the Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida in 2007. He was also recognized as a distinguished engineer by the Colegio de Ingenieros Petroleros and other associations during the celebrations of the Engineer Day in 2009. He was also the Dean of the Engineering Department from August 2008 to August 2013. In this time, he achieved that all the programs offered in the Engineering Department were evaluated in level 1 by the Comités Interinstitucionales para la Evaluación de la Educación Superior (CIEES). He also accomplished that two of those programs were certified by the Consejo para la Acreditación de la Enseñanza de la Ingeniería (CACEI).

Furthermore, he and his team work achieved that the first Master’s degree at the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen was included in the Programa Nacional de Programas de Calidad (PNPC) de CONACYT. In addition, he increased the enrollment at the Engineering Department. This was possible since some programs were offered such as mechatronics engineering in 2009 and geophysics engineering, energy engineering and sustainable architecture in 2013.

At present, Ruz Hernández is the President at the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen since August 2013. He participated as a lecturer at the Higher Education and Energy Reform Forum of the Republic Senate in October 2013. Also, he was awarded a recognition for his career in support of education in México by the Journalists Club, AC. He participated as well as a speaker at the Panel Discussion about the Training of Human Resources and the Energy Reform organized by the Mexican Association of Finance Executives in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Among his achievements during his management are the following: The acceptance of the total enrollment of UNACAR high school students to the Sistema Nacional de Bachillerato (High School National System) and the increase of programs certified by COPAES from 55 to 89 percent. He and his legal and legislation team work also designed and updated the university regulations. For example, the General Statute which includes a reengineering of the organizational structure of the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen as well as other regulations. Recently, the Advanced Electronic Signature was introduced in June 2015. All these accomplishments have guaranteed the presence of the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen at the Consorcio de Universidades Mexicanas (CUMEX).