Welcome Message CUMex

The challenges of education in the global knowledge society of the XXI century oblige us to conduct ourselves with greater effort in the search for a competitive and committed higher education; particularly in Mexico we struggle for a renewed, vigorous and better quality higher education system and intend to respond to the challenges and commitments that the country demands.

Current times require innovation in every sense, and higher education is a strategic ally to make this world of creativity possible. The Consorcio de Universidades Mexicanas (CUMex) supports this activity, through its strategic programs such as National Lectures CUMex, Comparability between universities, Social Communication, Indicators, Internationalization and Academic Mobility.

The world is changing. So does Mexico as every dynamic organization; therefore, our organization of 10 years of life, has strengthened higher education and with its 29 member institutions has created an academic space, where quality is visible through its four central themes: international visibility, quality assurance, research and evaluation which are included in the Plan Rector 2014 - 2016.

It is time to draw the global horizon to be followed regarding higher education, science, culture, arts and technology to achieve desired future with responsibility and in order to position our institutions of higher education in the international arena; it is urgent to assume social leadership regarding the creation, dissemination and transfer of knowledge worldwide.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone, especially those who integrate the CUMex to contribute fully to the development of the country, starting from the development of creative and effective alternatives that promote contribution to social welfare and the continuous improvement of higher education on behalf of Mexico and the world.

"An alliance of quality for higher education".

Dr. Javier Saldaña Almazán
President of CUMex